A new day dawning in Davis dining

Plant Based & Palate Pleasing


We have moved to a new web address: COOLCUISINE.NET

Please “Like” the COOL Cuisine Davis page on facebook AND join our facebook “CHAT” page. The most reliable way to hear news of our events is to join us on Meetup.com. Change your settings to allow emails from the organizer. You may also respond to invitations by email at: COOLCuisineDavis@gmail.com


COOL Cuisine is a coalition of individuals and organizations seeking more plant-based dining options in Davis, California.

Our blog is a resource for restaurants to learn more about how to welcome plant based diners and a resource for diners about where they can go for a hassle-free meal.


  • There are many reasons people choose a plant-based diet. We eat this way for many reasons: to sustain the planet, to sustain our health, and out of compassion for all living things. We also may eat this way for economic reasons, ethical considerations, world hunger issues, and religious beliefs.
  • We who embrace this diet want to expand our opportunities to eat with omnivorous friends without the subject of diet becoming a central part of the meal.  We encourage Davis restaurants to increase the the number of unique dishes (ones that do not need to be altered to be vegan) as well as the ease of identifying what we can order.
  • We are excited at the opportunity to help Davis become a plant-based dining destination! We recognize with pleasure the restaurants in town who are already doing a great job.  And we are so pleased about the supportive attitude of the restaurants we have approached this far.

In line with the Meatless Monday’s initiative, we encourage restaurants to experiment with new dishes  at least one day per week and see if it is popular.  Advertise here and on our Facebook page to invite us to come and try it! We’d love to hear from you.

Your successful creations could become delicious menu fixtures!



4 thoughts on “About

  1. This IS a cool site. Will there be recipes posted? I’d like to learn some simple vegetarian recipes.

    • Good question. No, this site will not be posting vegetarian recipes. We cannot begin to compete with all of the fantastic vegetarian and vegan cooking sites. We are most interested in working with Davis restaurants to increase the plant based offerings, as many of us feel they are very limited for such an open minded town. (We will send you some web sites.)

  2. Unfortunately I am not on Facebook but would like to RSVP for dinner this Thursday at Blaze a Pizza.

    Hey MaryAnn – you can also join Meetup.com to get invitations and RSVP there, you can also just email us at: coolcuisinedavis@gmail.com. That might be easiest for you. We look forward to seeing you!!!!!!!

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