A new day dawning in Davis dining

Plant Based & Palate Pleasing

Vegan Cheeses

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There has been an impressive rollout of vegan cheeses in Northern California this year. Whole Foods and The Co-Op each have several in stock.

Kite Hill, Miyoko, Daiya, Follow Your Heart, Cultured Kitchen and more all provide a range of flavors. Buy a few and do a taste test.

As of February, 2016 soy yogurt has reappeared as well as a number of almond, cashew, and coconut based products. Our favorite for creamy flavor is Kite Hill.


Author: daviscoolcuisine

We live in Davis, CA the home of many environmentalist, political activists, and people who care of local, seasonal and healthy eating as well as healthful lifestyles. The farmers market is one of the best on the planet and is strongly supported by an active community. We encourage our local restaurants to welcome those with plant based diets (whatever the reason) into their establishments with new and creative dishes that meet our dietary needs. We encourage them to add clear labeling to their menus. And we are happy to assist them in that expansion.

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