A new day dawning in Davis dining

Plant Based & Palate Pleasing

COOL Restaurants

Here are some restaurants which are particularly plant-based-friendly. Check them out and let us know what you think. For PIZZA options, go to our PIZZA page.

Middle Eastern

Chickpeas is an Israeli-style falafel bar served in pita or on a plate, then you top it with liberal, very freshly made, salad bar selections. NEW ITEM: Vegan shwarma!!  The food is very traditional and tasty middle eastern food. (Every item is vegan except 2: the actual meat shwarma and the serve-yourself yogurt dressing.) Vegan-owned. 640 W Covell Blvd (next to Ding How)


Thai Recipes does an excellent job marking its menus and the staff is very knowledgeable.  Most of the items on the menu can be veganized. In the bottom of Mansion Square, E at corner of 2nd.

KetMoRee is a Thai restaurant with nice atmosphere. They recently reprinted their menus which are supposed to be well marked. Almost all of their curries are or can be made vegetarian. If it bothers you to have tofu fried in the same oil as meats, order it raw. G/3rd


Raja’s Tandoor Healthy Indian Food does a periodic mostly vegan buffet for Vegans of Davis (get on the email list for notifications). The owner is very understanding and accommodating. There is outdoor balcony seating as well as indoors. 207 3rd St. (Upstairs)

Preethi Indian Cuisine has worked to enhance and highlight their plant-based options. There are several appetizers and the first 7 entrees (or Thalis) in the Vegetarian section are vegan. But wait!  The entire South Eastern Indian section of the menu is vegan – crepes, sauces, everything! The owners and waiters know immediately what you can and cannot eat and are very glad you came. A nice place for date night. The food is quite delicious (note that the green chutney has dairy). 2nd between F/G

Kathmandu Kitchen has Nepali/Indian food. They have a good selection of items but the menus are not well marked for what has ghee or cream and sometimes it takes several questions to get all of the answers. Popular among the Nepali crowd and with students. Small bar/sports on TV available.  234 G St between 2nd/3rd


Ding How Restaurant has a completely separate vegetarian menu which mimics their regular menu. There are only a few non-vegan items on it (that include egg), so be specific with the wait staff. 640 W Covell Blvd


Nami Sushi is popular with students – great price ($18) for all you can eat! Vegan items include: Miso soup, the standard starters, inari, and 4 Veg rolls. Note: if the owner is the chef while you are there, you can ask for him to get creative and make something up. They are very fast, very filling. Most waiters know what vegan is – but most importantly, the chefs do. Specify if you don’t want anything fried in your roll (inari tofu skin is made and packaged separately – not fried with the rest of the food). If you have 12 guests and let them know 2 days in advance, they will do an incredible, artistic, delicious vegan menu for the same price. Small. Sports on TV if you eat at the bar.  2880 5th Street (shopping center with Goodwill)

Zen Toro is the highest-end sushi place in town. Great date-night location. They have some ingredients not always found in veg rolls – pickled daikon and plum. There is enough to make a nice meal, so we are adding them to our list. But the offerings are very limited and basics like miso soup cannot be made vegan. Please go in and ask them to add more vegan options. It is ridiculous that they cannot make up an individual order of miso soup, which only has one ingredient: miso. They do everything else so well. In the bottom of Mansion Square, E St at corner of 2nd.

Fuji Sushi Boat and Buffet is definitely a student-oriented place, but the price is right and the food is fresh. Vegans should order off of the menu — not as cheap as the floating buffet, but there are a number of options. The wait staff? Well, it depends who you get. Read carefully. You can really fill up here. 2nd between F/G


Red 88 Noodle Bar truthfully only has one soup that is vegan, but they have a very small menu, so we would not expect more. There are two appetizers and the wok-seared menu has a few “alterable” dishes. The Veggie Soup is why most of us go there–it is very large and filling. They are one of the only places open for a late meal and do serve alcohol. 223 G St


Sunrise Restaurant has a “Veggie and Tofu” section on their menu. 229 G St

American ???

Ike’s Place is a chain from the Bay Area with an owner who went to UC Davis. Sandwiches galore – about 10 huge subs that are vegetarian or can be made vegan, several kinds of bread and sauces. They use Gardein and Tofurky products and some vegan mayo that is yummy. F St between 2nd/3rd.

The Davis Co0p is starting to roll out the welcome mat a little wider with prepared foods that are ready to eat. Grab for a picnic or take home dinner! The hot food bar is experimenting with new items. There is a fresh sushi stand with vegetable rolls and inari. There are also deli salads, choose-your-own sandwich fillings, and tamales they can heat up. G St between 6th/7th.

Delta of Venus is just for brunch these days. Serves up breakfast items, many of which have subs you can make (tofu for eggs). Made to order, first come-first served, often a line (popular with students). There is limited outdoor seating-nice on warm days.  122 B Street


CREAM Nation has vegan cookies and vegan ice cream. There are only 2 kinds of ice cream, but it is so sinfully good, you won’t care that it is not a gourmet flavor. They will usually offer to change their gloves. Line out the door. F/1st

Booze and Drinks

Sudwerk Brewing Co Dock Store – all of the Sudwerk beers are confirmed vegan. The Dock is very popular in the evenings, there is frequently a live band with relaxed outdoor seating in what was part of the parking lot. It’s fun. The restaurant adjacent is NOT vegan-friendly, though they have a hummus plate. We recommend stopping by to tell them why you are not eating there even though you came to drink next door.  2001 2nd St

Sun & Soil serves organic cold-pressed juices in interesting, healthy combinations that are very refreshing. There is coffee, teas, and cleanses, smoothies and freezes, and a small amount of vegan organic food and snacks. G St between 5th/6th

Date night? Destination dining?

Osteria Fasulo just unleashed (July 2016) a summer menu with Vegetarian and Vegan marked choices! We are thrilled to announce this – please pay them a visit!


Other than this great news, we’re sorry to disappoint you, but this is one of the reasons we formed COOL Cuisine. There have been no good options where you can comfortably get excellent, local, seasonal food that is not full of animal products. Unless you want a salad “hold the animal, hold the cheese, change the dressing.”  Join us and help us work on it! (We are waiting for Season’s new owners to add a separate plant-based menu, but it is not on line yet. If you call 1-2 days in advance, they will throw something together.)


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